Alibaba’s Jack Ma says can’t meet promise to create 1 million U.S. jobs

Ma had met U.S. President Donald Trump two years ago and laid out the Chinese e-commerce giant’s plan to bring one million small U.S. businesses onto its platform to sell… Read more

ASOS extends Data Academy in link with Multiverse

Multiverse, which is “on a mission to build an alternative to university and corporate training” has developed its links with ASOS to so far enrol 73 of its employees into… Read more

Global growth headed down as inflation surge to endure

Most central banks are only part-way through a still-urgent cycle of interest rate rises as many policymakers make up for a collective error in judgment last year thinking supply chain-related… Read more

Google cutting web cookies, ending lucrative tracking tool for advertisers

Google’s plan is to restrict advertising software companies and other organizations from connecting their browser cookies to websites they do not operate, the company said in a blog post on… Read more

Green group seeks Ethics Act for Norwegian companies

The organization wants the creation of an ethical legal framework that provides consumers right to information about working conditions under which goods are produced.”When you buy a t-shirt, the clothing… Read more

India’s 2016 gold demand could fall to seven-year low

India’s gold demand in the first three quarters of 2016 fell 29 percent from a year ago to 441.2 tonnes, hit by price rises and government moves such as the… Read more

Indonesia, EFTA sign long delayed free trade deal

Under the deal, tariffs and non-tariff barriers would be eliminated for thousands of products traded between Indonesia and the EFTA countries – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, according to government… Read more

Adidas and Allbirds race towards ultra-sustainable future in new sports shoe JV

The two brands said they will “explore innovations across their entire supply chains with the aim of developing a product to launch in 2021”.It’s an interesting move that puts sustainability… Read more

Gridlocked ports hurt retailers as no-deal Brexit looms

Concerns are further intensifying as Sunday’s Brexit talks deadline draws closer and without a deal in sight, they only add to the existing problems.A host of British retailers including fashion… Read more

India and Hong Kong authorities uncover diamond import scam

“Indian customs and Hong Kong customs have unearthed a major case of trade-based money laundering involving Hong Kong-based exporters and Indian importers located in [a] special economic zone in an… Read more