I Worked in Saudi Arabia

In 1985, I traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for being employed as venture accountant. I worked for a company engaged in buying and selling huge emergency mills (500 to one thousand KVA) installations and spare elements, projects for Airport and airfield lighting fixtures installations, and home electrical connection installations. In this corporation, I worked with Saudis, Britons, French, Germans, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians and different Asian nationals.

During that time, there has been a recession inside the Middle East. Salaries of employees bills were being not on time for approximately to three months. Some employees had been sent returned to their personal countries, some companies just released their overseas employees to look for transient jobs across the community to save air ticket and accommodation expenses.

Some Asian foreign employees illegally left their employers for being no longer paid for their wages up to six months. They have been illegally working secretly in different places so that it will survive, through the assist of Asian pals and other Arab nationals who were benefited for paying very low wages, now and again not being paid for being illegal.

After running for one month, I become about to be sent returned domestic to my country. I ought to do some thing to expose that the organization needed my services. I located out that they have got no annual organization budgets, in which the coaching of budgets become one in all my know-how in my preceding employers.

While expecting my airline flight departure schedule, I voluntarily labored on making ready budget for one of the organisation airport/airfield lighting fixtures installation, with none preparation from the management to do it.

While I became studying my finances presentation, the sales manager (Christian Lebanese) entered our workplace room and inadvertently visible what I changed into operating. He became involved and told me to preserve doing it and he’ll gift it to the board of administrators.

My flight departure become postponed. The income manager gave me all the helping facts I requested. Upon finishing touch, he told the company secretary to help me binding twelve copies of the undertaking finances.

The income supervisor offered the task price range at some stage in the board of directors’ assembly. After the meeting, he accompanied me to the workplace of the enterprise coping with director. I was told to make annual budgets for the whole business enterprise and could modify my month-to-month earnings for this reason upon finishing a first-class budgets. All the department heads were advised to provide me all the essential records I wished to complete the budgets.

The corporation annual budgets become satisfactorily completed, have become recognized to the board of directors, have harmonious relationships with widespread supervisor and department heads, as well as to other employees. My earnings become adjusted therefore and my role became modified to Financial Analyst.

The Saudi control likes an worker’s aggressiveness mindset of protecting his ideals and ideas for the commercial enterprise operation. I adjusted myself to that mind-set and succeeded in requesting salary increases and blessings from the company.

Sometimes, during the organization’s board of directors assembly, they had been speaking with loud voices and there was a time that they had been talking approximately thieves. They have been shouting to every other, but after the meeting there has been no any grudge to every other.

The participants of the board of administrators have been USA educated and a few were married to American ladies. They were beneficiant to personnel and have been supplied allowances for meals, housing, transportation and medical blessings. We had been so lucky touchdown to an awesome corporation, in contrast to different workers being deceived by using their employers.

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